Soft Shaggy Area Rug, White


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  • 4′ x 5.3′ quality material soft and comfortable, White in color
  •  This soft and comfortable rug is a great choice for children playing on the floor giving warmth and comfort.
  • Anti-slip rug has rubber spots on the bottom keeping the rug from slipping or moving around.
  • Rug material is 100% non-toxic which makes it perfect for individuals that have sensitive skin or allergies
  • The size of the rug makes it suitable for girls, boys room, bedroom, baby room, living room, nursery, college dorm, easy to use where ever you may need that something extra.
  •  Wash carpet by hands with mild detergent. NOTE: Don’t tumble dry, don’t expose to the sun, don’t iron. Packed in bags but will fluff up and recover in a short while when removed from bag.
  • Great gift for kids and friends. 
  • Makes for a great way to keep children warm during the colder days of winter.

Rugs always bring warmth to a room be it in the summer or winter.  This rug with it’s anti-slip backing and non toxic material make it a perfect rug for anyone that has allergies.  It’s a rug that can be called an all purpose rug fitting in any room under any circumstances.