Modern Silent Wall Clock, Black




  • An 11 inch Round Modern Quartz Wall Clock, weight: 1.6 lb., Black
  •  Modern design style is the look for this industrial style wall clock with gold aluminium pointers to create contrast again the black  background.
  • Our Quartz movement wall clock runs with the most superior movement that not only guarantees a non ticking clock but a smooth second hand with accurate analog time display.
  • Our reliable clock movements will keep your clock running for with precision for years and tracking your days.
  • Powered by 1 AA battery (not included) long lasting battery life. Durability and performance is known with our clocks due to manufactured wood material in the 3D modern design.
  • The contrast between the gold  aluminium pointers and the wall clock black background makes the face easy to read.
  •  Lightweight and easy to hang. An opening  on the motor for hanging on wall with either a nail, screw or hook. Depending on where and what wall you hang it.
  • Concerns, contact us, we reply within 24 hours.
  • Will add elegance and style to any wall you choose for placement.