Cast Iron Native American Arrow Wall Decor






  • Arrow size: Length: 15″ and Width: 11.25″
  • Color:  Antique Brown
  • Three arrows wrapped in the center with wire symbolizing friendship and strength, great decor for your gallery.
  • Hangs and will look gorgeous on your wall, symbolizing Native Americans.
  • Makes a great gift for a friend or someone interested in Native American history.
  • Durable Steel and quality paint makes this wall decor strong enough to last a lifetime.

Three Arrows Symbol Meaning: According to the Native Americans, crossed arrows represent friendship, an arrow pointing right means protection, and pointing left wards off evil.
A bundle of three arrows also represents strength.This symbol can be used to indicate personal strength, but is also a great choice for honoring the combined strength of loved ones who help support you in your life. This symbol is also a representation of movement and direction. It can be used as a reminder of motivation and forward-thinking. The three arrows may be hung facing up or down, north, south, east, or west to mean a specific direction. These minute differences in design create difference significance for each direction.